Blueprint for Outlook Professional Edition Information

Blueprint for Outlook Professional Edition provides your business with the tools to satisfy even the most demanding printing requirements. It provides all the benefits of Blueprint for Outlook Basic Edition, and also provides multiple features to help you customize your printed content and become more productive.

Control Print Layout

Blueprint for Outlook enables you to control the presentation of your printouts by defining the layout in an external HTML template file. Blueprint allows you to associate one or more templates with each Outlook item. Therefore, by using the Blueprint toolset, you can control the presentation of messages, contacts, tasks, calendar items and custom Outlook forms.

Blueprint for Outlook delivers with a number of examples, and provides you with a step-by-step guide to creating your own templates.

Protect Your Content

You can protect your company emails by ensuring they contain your company logo and sensitivity markings when printed. For extra protection, you can also print with cover and trailer pages
To assist you to create your own templates, Blueprint installs with a number of simple examples. The print preview (opposite) provides an example of a template which includes:

Headerincludes a logo, the Message Categories, and the Message Sensitivity
Footer provides the current time, the page number and some other info
Message body includes a HTML table providing an Outlook-style list of other properties.

To view or download more example templates, see our Template Library

Alternatively, if you need help creating your Blueprint Templates, you can contact Blueprint Support and they will be pleased to offer you help to get you started.

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Multiple Item Prints

In standard Outlook printing, it is also possible to create two different styles printouts, Memo style (for a single item), and Table styles (for a selection of items). Blueprint for Outlook Professional extends the idea of Table styles and enables you to create general Multi-item styles.

This means it is up to you whether you want to display a selection of Outlook items as a table. Alternatively, you can create more interesting views on the items. Again, Blueprint for Outlook provides examples of how to create Multi item templates. For example, if you select three messages within the Inbox folder, and selects the example table style template, the print will look like:

Style Selection

Casual, Formal, or Contemporary style? Choose how you want to print out your item at print time, using the Blueprint Template Selection Dialog.

Once you have created your templates, and associated them with the desired Outlook item types, you are ready to print your messages.

If you have configured multiple templates for the selected item, on clicking the Print, Preview or Print Selection button, you will be prompted with a dialog (left). This dialog will allow you to choose the style to use to print the item.

More information on Blueprint for Outlook Enterprise Edition Alternatively, if you are looking for automatic printing of message content and specific attachments, Blueprint for Outlook Enterprise Edition could be for you - Integrate into Outlook rules and control exactly what is autoprinted.

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