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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Installation Questions

When I start Outlook, I cannot see the Blueprint buttons. What can I do?

It is possible that Outlook has disabled the Blueprint addin, and this is why Blueprint is not loading in Outlook. To re-enable the addin, perform the following:

Outlook 2007

1. Within the Outlook Main Window, click Tools -> Trust Center...
2. Locate and click the Add-ins tab on the left side
3. On the right hand side, locate the Disabled Applications Add-ins section. Is 'Blueprint for Outlook' listed?
4. To re-enable the addin, first ensure the 'Apply macro security settings to installed add-ins' located at the bottom of the right pane is not checked.
5. Ensure 'COM Add-ins' is specified in the 'Manage' section, and click the 'Go...' button. Ensure that 'Blueprint for Outlook' is checked.
6. Click OK.

In addition, from the Main Outlook Window, click Help -> Disabled Items. If 'Blueprint for Outlook' is listed, highlight the Addin and click Enable.

Outlook 2003

1. Within the Outlook Main Window, click Help -> About Microsoft Office Outlook
2. Locate and click the 'Disabled Items' button
3. Ensure that 'Blueprint for Outlook' is checked.
4. Click OK.

Can I easily deploy Blueprint to a large number of users? How do I register each product?

As Blueprint for Outlook is a standard msi install, it will support silent installations for deployment purposes (For example, a GPO software deployment)

In order to register the product automatically, the registration details can be added into the registry under:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Savvisoft\BluePrint for Outlook]
"Registration Name"="<regname>"
"Registration Key"="<regkey>"

where <regname> and <regkey> are the details provided when you registered the product. Therefore, when added as part of the deployment, this will ensure that the product is automatically registered - Also note that the 'Welcome' dialog will not be presented on registered versions of Professional and Enterprise editions.

How do I uninstall Blueprint for Outlook?

Blueprint for Outlook can be easily uninstalled through the Add/Remove programs from the Windows Control Panel.

How do I configure German language support?

For German language support, Blueprint for Outlook 2.7 or later must be installed (or Basic 1.6).

Blueprint will automatically switch to German language if the Microsoft Office German Language Pack is installed. In addition, the Microsoft Office Language Settings must be configured to Deutsch for 'Display Microsoft Office Menus and Dialogs boxes'.

Printing Questions

Can I use Blueprint to print a page selection of a long email?

Yes. All Blueprint for Outlook editions will allow you to print a page range. When the Print dialog appear, select the Pages option, and specify those pages you would like to print, For example:

1. Adding '2' will just print page 2.
2. Adding '2-4' will print pages 2,3,4.
3. Adding '1,3' will print pages 1 and 3.

Also, if you print preview the message (using either Outlook's 'Print Preview' button, or the 'Blueprint Preview' button), and then when you click on Print button, you will also be given the option, 'Current page'. This will allow you to just print the currently displayed page on screen.

Can I use Blueprint to automatically print the most recent response in a long message history?

Yes. Blueprint for Outlook Professional will allow you to create Quick buttons which can be configured to auto-select * and print the latest message in a long threaded email.

* Note. A Message does not actually contain defined threaded history (only message content). Blueprint will attempt to autoselect the first message in a threaded message by locating common message separators. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that this will always select the desired content - In this event, the Blueprint 'Print Selection' button will allow you to manually select the desired content.

When I print a message, the Header section appears to obsure the start of the message. Can I configure this?

Yes. When a message is print previewed, click on the 'Page Setup' icon. This will allow you to modify the page margins and orientation (portrait / landscape) of the printout. In the case of the Header, you will just need to increase the 'Top margin'. When you are happy with selection, click OK. Blueprint for Outlook will automatically remember these settings and associate it with the template for future use.

When I print a message, I cannot see any of the background images or colors. Is this right?

This is a configuration option. Blueprint for Outlook uses the Internet Explorer printing engine which means that your Internet Explorer settings will be respected. If you wish to enable this feature, perfom the following steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Click Tools -> Internet Options -> [Advanced] tab.
3. Scroll down to the Printing section. Ensure the 'Print background colors and images' is checked

Your printed emails will now display any background images and colors.