Blueprint for Outlook Professional Edition - Release History and Recent Fixes

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 5.0.0 - September 05, 2017

Major FeatureBlueprint now supports Microsoft Outlook 2016
Major FeatureBlueprint now supports Microsoft Outlook 32 bit and 64 bit
FeatureBlueprint Installer now signed
FeatureGeneral Performance Improvements
FeatureGeneral Bug fixes

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 4.0.0 - May 02, 2013

Major FeatureBlueprint now supports Outlook 2013 (32 bit)

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 3.0.3 - November 01, 2011

Bug fixCrash occurs when swapping between Message and Calendar view

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 3.0.2 - March 28, 2011

Bug fixBlueprint Options dialog crashes from Ribbon button (when used from 32-bit Operating System)

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 3.0.1 - February 28, 2011

Bug fixQuickprint Attachments dialog failed to display attachments

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.0 - September 27, 2010

Major FeatureBlueprint now supports Outlook 2010 (32 bit)
FeaturePrint Templates now support User properties with decimals

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.8.3 - May 27, 2010

Bug FixIn some circumstances, plain text messages do not display correctly

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.8.2 - April 12, 2010

FeatureThe Quickprint Attachments button will now collate all attachments of the selected messages
Bug FixMessage sent time does not correct adjust for daylight saving time
Bug FixMultiple space can be condensed to 1 space in the message body.
Bug FixIn some circumstances, Attachments are not displayed in the Attachment dialog

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.8.1 - August 17, 2009

Bug FixAttachments with long filenames may cause Blueprint to stop responding.
Bug FixIn some circumstances, PDF document attachments are not recognized.
Bug FixRecipients not displaying with 'On behalf of' when using Microsoft Exchange cached mode.
Bug FixAttaching a vcard may cause Blueprint print job to fail.

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.8 - May 07, 2009

Bug FixGerman text and dialogs may be displayed on English machines
Bug FixAttachments with same name are not displayed in Quickprint Attachment dialog
Bug FixImproved support for rendering images in print jobs (E.g. Microsoft Word based images)

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.7 - February 09, 2009

FeatureBlueprint for Outlook is now available with German Language Support.
FeatureAttachment printing dialog has been improved to allow easier selection of attachments
Bug FixBadly formed HTML message content displays body as 'Name=Body' - The message body is now tidied before printing.
Bug FixFrom recipient now formatted as name [email address] for consistency with outlook
Bug FixOpening message from outside of outlook causes blueprint buttons to not function

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.6.1 - September 20, 2008

Bug FixMulti Item print jobs may fail to render

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.6 - September 01, 2008

FeaturePlain Text messages now use the Outlook font settings when formatting the message body of the print job. The Outlook settings are available from Tools->Options->[Mail Format tab] ->Fonts.. -> When composing and reading plain text
Bug FixDelegated Sender is not displayed within the From field. The From field will now be formatted as: <Sender> on behalf of <Represented Sender>
Bug FixSent field does not use the default Windows formating style for Date/Time. The Sent field will now default to the Date/Time format as specified in the Regional Settings/Options available from the Control Panel.

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.5.1 - June 20, 2008

FeatureAllow Quick buttons to print latest response and upto 3 further responses in the message.
Bug FixBlueprint action dialog may not allow selection of both Item printing and Attachment printing.

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.5 - May 27, 2008

FeatureAllow automatic selection of all attachments on Quickprint Attachments Dialog - Only available in conjunction with Quick buttons.
FeatureSupport for Currency fields in custom forms.
Bug FixBlueprint does not action Shortcut key - Ctrl + P, when typed from Item window (Outlook 2007 only)
Bug FixSingle item selected in Main Outlook window now automatically prints using memo view.
Bug FixContext menus in Main Outlook window now perform quickprint operation instead of print.. (with prompt)
Bug Fix'Blueprint template missing' error for default template causes print to fail.

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.4 - March 10, 2008

Major FeatureBlueprint introduces Quick buttons to increase productivity by performing repetitive or complex print operations in a single click.
FeatureBlueprint will now attempt to automatically detect the first message in a threaded message history.
FeatureBlueprint buttons can now be displayed in a separate toolbar for quicker access
Bug FixBlueprint causes Outlook to slow down on selecting messages when connecting to Exchange Server
Bug FixBlueprint displays full email addresses of Exchange Server users. Blueprint will now only present the Display name.

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.3 - November 28, 2007

Bug FixPerformance improvements for managing attachments
Bug FixBlueprint installation can cause compatibility issues. Technical: Installation now ensures VC80.CRT does not include Policy file.

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.2 - November 12, 2007

FeatureBlueprint now provides improved support for International characters in templates and message content.
FeatureBlueprint now supports displaying Sender Contact properties on a recieved message, including Contact picture. This is provided using the new id BPFromProp. For more information, see the Technical Reference page
Bug FixDuplicate Blueprint Menu items present on the Main Outlook window
Bug FixRecievedTime property does not adher to Time Zone variations.

Blueprint for Outlook Professional 2.1 - September 01, 2007

Major FeatureBlueprint now allows the user to print message body selection.
FeatureBlueprint provides a new look menu system.
FeatureBlueprint provides 'Printer Options' dialog to specify the Print range, orientation and margins prior to printing.
FeatureBlueprint now supports Contact templates which include the contact image. This is now supported by adding the following BPMessProp: ContactPicture. In addition, Memo and Multi-item examples are now provided - CONTACT_OUTLOOK.htm and MI_CONTACT_WITHPHOTO.html
Bug FixPrinted Time values (e.g. Sent time) will now respect the regional format settings of the machine.
Bug FixBlueprint wrongly displays contents of BPFolderListSeparator
Bug FixModified example templates to ensure the From field always includes email address: This is by using the BPMessProp: FromFull.
Bug FixModified example templates to remove class definition around Body placeholder. This is to ensure styles in message are not overwritten

Blueprint for Outlook 2.0.294 - July 25, 2007

Major FeatureBlueprint now supports creating Multi item templates. This combines a selection of items or the contents of a folder into a single print job
Major FeatureBlueprint now allows multiple templates to be associated with a Outlook item type, and allows a user to select which template to use at print time.

Blueprint for Outlook 1.2.290 - May 21, 2007

Major FeatureBlueprint now supports Windows Vista
Bug FixBlueprint for Outlook displays multiple 'Print Preview' buttons on Inspector Read view when Word is used as email client.

Blueprint for Outlook 1.1.287 - April 16, 2007

FeatureBlueprint now integrates into the Outlook 2007 Inspector Ribbon.
FeatureBlueprint can now override the Outlook 2007 Print buttons on the Inspector Ribbon.
FeatureBlueprint can now be configured to ensure recipient information includes the email address:
"[display name]" <[email address]>. E.g. "Blueprint Support" <>
This is now supported by adding the following BPMessProp's: ToFull, CcFull, BccFull, FromFull, ReceivedByFull. For more information, see the Technical Reference page
Bug FixMessages originated from Microsoft Word do not display HTML when printed
Bug Fix'Blueprint Preview' button disappears on Inspector when Outlook print preview is displayed (Outlook 2007 only)
Bug FixBlueprint for Outlook does not display attachment data for digitally signed messages
Bug FixBlueprint for Outlook does not display attachment data when PR_ATTACHFLAGS contains invalid value

Blueprint for Outlook 1.0.274 - Initial Release - December 28, 2006