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Printing with Blueprint

This section describes how users print their content using the Blueprint controls and dialogs.

  • Print Preview button
  • Print Selection button
  • Blueprint Preview Window
  • Quickprint Attachments button
  • Quick Buttons

  • The Blueprint Menu

    Blueprint for Outlook (all editions) provides some basic buttons to allow users to perform Printing operations:

    Blueprint Menu from Main Outlook window or Item Window (Outlook 2000-2003) Blueprint Menu from Item Window (Outlook 2007)

    The following picture demonstrates how the Blueprint buttons look when you display the buttons in a separate toolbar. In addition, this displays some customized Quick Buttons

    'Print Preview...' button

    This button is added to the main Outlook window and to each Outlook item window (e.g. Message, Contact etc.)

    It allows the user to Print Preview the current message or folder selection. Note. This button is the same as clicking the standard Outlook Print Preview button, if 'Allow Blueprint to control Outlook print controls' is enabled from the Blueprint tab.

    When the user performs a print operation, Blueprint determines whether it needs to display the 'Template Selection' dialog:

    The prompting of the dialog is based on a number of criteria.

    1. If there is more than one template configured for the current message class *.
    2. If there is only one template configured, but it is a 'Multi Item' style template, the Template Selection is displayed to determine whether the user wants to print the current selection or all the items in the current folder.

    * Note. In the main Outlook window, both 'Memo' and 'Multi Item' templates will be available. In the Outlook Item window, only 'Memo' items will be available.

    The Blueprint templates displayed in the Template Selection dialog were preconfigured from the Blueprint tab. To understand how to configure your templates, see Configuring Blueprint Templates

    When a user selects a 'Memo' style print, each item in the folder selection will be printed in separate print jobs.

    When the user selects a 'Multi Item' style template, all items will be printed into the same print job. The 'Multi Item Options' will be enabled at the bottom of the dialog, and allow the user to specify whether to apply the multi-item print to the current selection, or to all the items on the current folder.

    'Print Selection...' button

    This button is added to the main Outlook window and to each Outlook item window (e.g. Message, Contact etc.)

    When clicked, it prompts the Message Selection dialog which allows the user to selection a portion of a message, and print it using standard Blueprint printing.

    When the Message Selection Dialog is presented, select the portion of the message body you wish to print and click on a print request button - The print buttons can be accessed through either right-clicking within the message body area, or clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the dialog.

    Print RequestComments
    Quick PrintPrints the selection without prompting the Print... dialog.
    Print...Prints the selection and prompts the Print... dialog.
    Print Preview...Print Previews the selection.

    Note. When the print request is performed, Blueprint will display the Template Selection if there is more than one Memo style template configured for the Outlook type.

    Blueprint Preview Window

    The Blueprint Preview Window allows the user to preview the item prior to printing:

    From this window, the user can perform a number of operations:

    Displays the Printing dialog. This will allow the user to select the target printer, specify the page range (e.g. All, Current page, or page selection), and other settings.
    Displays the Blueprint Attachment printing dialog. See 'Blueprint Attachments...'
    Display the Page Setup dialog. This will allow the user to modify the orientation (portrait / landscape), and configure the margins of the printout. By modifying the top/bottom margins, it is possible to increase the space provided for the Headers and Footers. Also note. When these settings are modified, they will be saved with the template for future use.
    Allows the user to scroll between the pages of the Print job. The Page number displays the current page, which is used when the user Prints the message (with Current page range)
    Allows the user to zoom in and out of the pages included in the print job. This will allow multiple pages to be presented on screen.
    Close the Blueprint Preview without printing.

    'Quickprint Attachments...' button

    The 'Quickprint Attachment...' button is added to the main Outlook window and to each Outlook item window (e.g. Message, Contact etc.)

    When clicked, this button will present a dialog allowing the user to quick print the message attachments. The Quickprint dialog is provided in either a 'List view' or a 'Selection view'. When you click the Print button, a Print operation will be requested to the application handling each filetype.

    List View

    The List view provides a simple way to select the messages you wish to print.

    Selection View

    In selection view, to quick print the attachments, highlight one or more attachment, and click Print.

    Quick Buttons

    Quick Buttons are a new feature which allows you to perform repetitive or complex printing operations in a single click. You have full control the appearance of the button, and what gets printed. The following image displays some quick buttons for performing operations such as:

  • Quick print the message, and any pdf documents
  • Print preview the first message in a long email correspondence.
  • Quick print all the message attachments
  • Note. Quick Buttons are only available in Blueprint for Outlook Professional and Enterprise