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Configuring Quick Buttons

This section provides a description of the Quick Buttons dialog. Quick Buttons allow you to perform common or complex print operations in a single click. With Quick Buttons, you can control all aspects of the print action:

  • Increase productivity by printing messages and attachments in just one click.
  • Define the name and icon of the button.
  • Print the whole message, a page range, or up to latest 3 messages in a long email correspondence
  • Print specific attachment types (e.g. doc, pdfs) and display the quickprint attachment dialog
  • Define the print action to be performed - Print Preview, Print with prompt, or Quickprint
  • Print using custom print templates

  • What does the button look like?

    The first step to creating your Quick Button is to decide what your button will look like. Blueprint allows you to control both the display text of the button and the button icon.

    Note. At a minimum, you must either specify a Display name or the Icon FaceId

    Quick Button Display Name

    By controlling the Display name of the Quick button, you can describe exactly what the button does for you. It is therefore possible to display this text in alternative languages.

    Quick Button Icon

    Microsoft Outlook contains many built in icons. The identifier of these icons is called the FaceId, and is defined as a single number. In addition, the new Outlook 2007 Ribbon functionality introduced a new text-based identifier, Image Mso. To get you started, some common printing icons used by Blueprint are:

    NameIcon FaceIdOutlook 2007 Image MsoIcon Image
    Quick Print4FilePrintQuick
    Print Preview109FilePrintPreview

    What does the button do?

    To configure what the Quick Button will actually print, Blueprint introduces the Blueprint Action. To configure the action, click the 'Action Settings' button

    For More Information, click Blueprint Actions >>

    How does the user interact with the button?

    Once you have decided what your Quick Button looks like and what Blueprint Action will be performed, Blueprint also provides some options for configuring further user interactions.

    How should the item be printed?

    This option allows you to decide which Print Request will be performed when the Quick Button is clicked.

    Note. This option is only actioned when the Blueprint Action has 'Item Printing enabled'

    Display Blueprint Quickprint Attachment Dialog

    When unchecked, all attachments as defined in the Blueprint Action Attachment settings will automatically be printed on clicking the Quick Button.

    When checked, the Blueprint Quickprint Attachment dialog will be prompted to allow the user to choose the attachments to print. Note. The attachments displayed in the dialog will be filtered according to the Blueprint Action Attachment rules.

    Note. This option is only actioned when the Blueprint Action has 'Attachment Printing enabled'

    In addition, the 'Automatically select all attachments' ensures that when the Quickprint Attachment dialog is selected, all attachments are highlighted by default.

    Ignore Action Template, and display template selection dialog

    When unchecked, the print template to be used for the print job will be determined by the Blueprint Action Item settings

    When checked, the Blueprint Action Item settings will be ignored, and the configured templates for the messageclass will be used.

    Note. This option is only actioned when the Blueprint Action has 'Item Printing enabled'

    To learn how the configure what will be printed, click Configuring Blueprint Actions >>